New FExplorer Beta Version Is Out

expired FExplorer beta

I was using FExplorer 1.18 beta version. Last week when I clicked on FExplorer using a short key, I was surprised that a pop up message prompted. It says “This beta version is expired, please visit”

FExplorer is a 3rd party file manager mobile application, its convenient for me using FExplorer than using the built-in file manager. Actually, I’ve tried other mobile applications but I am more comfortable using this especially for my mobile ebooks.

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UCALL: Unlimited Call From Globe Telecoms

Good news and bad news to Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers! Globe Telecoms are currently offering Unlimited Call, that’s the good news. The bad news is… the promo is available to selected provinces only. It could be for testing purposes, a dry run if they could offer it nationwide. I hope they do because other rival companies already did long time ago. Even before the House Senate signed the new guidelines for longer expiration of prepaid loads and other communication issues.

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NTC Memorandum: Guidelines On Prepaid Load

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) had issued the Memorandum Circular dated July 3, 2009 with the subject titled as “Guidelines On Prepaid Load” to TelCos (Telecommunication Companies) such as Smart Communications, Globe Telecoms, Sun etc. This is in response to complaint of Senate President Enrile about the mysterious disappearance of his prepaid load.

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What Is Raw Document?

I heard the term from a client, she asked me if I prefer to receive the raw document or the manuscript (for hard copy book printing). Of course, I want to see the real layout so I can make the eBook almost the same as the hard copy book. Technically, a raw document is a material without any formatting, almost like a TXT file but its in MS Word. If a manuscript is intended for printing, it will take a lot of time making it “raw” and edit the file again to make it ready before ebook conversion to a certain ebook format.

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