Typhoon Caused Slow DSL Connection

It was yesterday morning, around 10am (in the Philippines) when I experienced sudden slow DSL connection. I called up my internet provider, PLDT. The CSR told me that there was a major problem in the system and they are currently working it out.

This morning, nothing change, a turtle speed connection. I can’t even have a good connection on my mobile to check my emails. It seems, this is unsual than “normal“.

There are many subscribers complaining to PLDT including me, but as I’ve said this wasn’t normal than before. After so many connection attempts with slow DSL connection, I found out that typhoon Kiko with international name typhoon Morakot caused the slow Internet connection affecting Philippines and Singapore, a cut in the APCN2 (Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2) undersea submarine cable crippled connection speeds for users in the Asia-Pacific region.

So, to pinoy subscribers, let’s stop complaining to PLDT and other DSL providers, reportedly, connection will be back to normal on Thursday night in Singapore, an hour advanced in the Philippines.

To entrecard droppers, my apologies. Tomorrow morning (Friday), I hope our connection will be okay.


Typhoon Caused Slow DSL Connection — 6 Comments

  1. I think it happened last Tuesday or Wednesday, I’m not that sure which is the correct detail, some say that a fiber optic connection going from manila to outside got cut, and they are rerouting just so that we will have a connection even though its really slow. Although this week is a lot faster but still i think there is still a problem.
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