Mobipocket PRC eBook Conversion

Did you know that converting file to Mobipocket PRC format is complicated? Have you tried downloading a PRC format from forums? Of course if you purchased or download from mobipocket site, the file should be perfect. Try comparing a PRC file from Mobipocket site and a PRC file from forums. You could download free ebooks or a sample PRC ebook from Mobipocket ebooks site and the PRC file you downloaded from forums (usually shared by other members). You will see the difference.

Complicated? If you don’t have the perfect source file, that means you have to edit the source file first. If you’ll be reading the PRC file using your mobile, you will see a minimal difference but using the MobiReader for PC, its the other way around.

Mobipocket Reader for PC
Mobipocket Creator Home Edition
Mobipocket Creator Publisher Edition

It is advisable to install Mobipocket Reader for PC so you could see if you converted a perfect PRC file. Its easy to use the Home Edition but on ebook conversion, I suggest to use the Publisher Edition.

MS Word DOC to PRC – Please read my post Prepare MS Word DOC Before Conversion. There’s a lot of editing on MS Word DOC file but I guarantee that you should have a perfect PRC if you checked and edited the whole document. It consumes a lot of time on editing depends on the file, it usually took me a minimum of two hours depends on my desired output PRC file.

Actually, you could convert HTML, PDF and TXT format too as source file but I prefer MS Word, you could see and edit the layout faster and use font style, font size and styling on MS Word window. That’s impossible on TXT format. HTML and PDF file should be easy, just import the file on Mobipocket Creator and convert. Don’t forget to encode the metadata.



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