Mobile eBook formats

Many mobile ebook addicts prefer to search on the web the ebook files, taking consideration the mobile ebook application they have installed on their celphones and the handheld device they’re using. To avoid inconvenience, here is a list of ebook extension name or file format.

  • PDF – portable document format created by Adobe for their Acrobat products.
  • HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language is the backbone of the World wide web, can be read by Opera, Netfront and other 3rd party mobile browser.
  • LIT – can be read only by Microsoft Reader for PC and PPC.
  • TXT – simple as plain TEXT format,can be read by Handybook.
  • RTF – rich text format, can be read by MS Word.
  • DOC – MS Word document format, can be read by Quickword on mobilephones.
  • RGO – repligo format, for repligo viewers.
  • PDB – palm database file, various applications to read such as eBook v1.03, Handybook, eReader, etc.
  • PRC – palm resource file, can be read by mobipocket for PDAs and smartphones, eBook v1.03, etc.
  • EXE – executable html ebooks for PC and PPC.
  • JAR – executable java ebooks for supported symbian phones.

There’s a lot of ebooks to download on the web and wap, some are selling their ebooks. When I started reading ebooks on my symbian phone 3650, (the latest phone model that time, OMG) I even bought 10 novels for php10 each to a forumer from the forum I frequently visited. These books were the talk of bookworms including the first two books of Harry Potter.


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  1. I thinks ebooks would become very popular in the near future and almost everyone would try to be an author in there own right.

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