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PixLink_mainThe service was launched in Thursday, February 26, the idea of uploading the images and videos stored in our mobile to Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Blogger, Picasa and G-Blogs using our mobile phone via wap is very irresistible. Since it was recently launched, I register via SMS, I failed. I went to Globe PixLink website and I received an email confirmation. After that, I haven’t received any email or SMS from PixLink.

This morning, I sent the word PIXLINK to 2988 and received a link for registration. The SMS is this:
Welcome to PixLink. Now you can upload and share your photos and videos. Register by clicking on the link below for FREE. Use myGlobe Connect as GPRS access point when connecting. This service is free for use until March 5, 2009. http://www.pixlink.com.ph/wap/registration.wap

Click the link and complete the registration. You will received another SMS with the PixLink application link, download and install the file. When you open the application, you will see the screenshot above then you have to type in your username and password. Screenshot below will follow.

Subscription options are Php 30/day, Php 60/2days and Php 120/5days. I thought PixLink is free until March 5. Take note that the application is still in beta version. In fact, I experienced a glitch during registration.

Also, see the text below the options, it says, “Your media will be retained for 45 days from the day of the subscription expiry“. I didn’t expected this but to those who are availing of the service take note of the 45 days.

UPDATE (March 4, 2009): I guess, there was a glitch when I registered to PixLink that’s why I was asked for subscription options, please see image above. I tried it again yesterday and I didn’t get the same page. I uninstalled Globe PixLink last night because even if the application is closed it was connecting to GPRS. Some kinda weird that my mobile turned off. When I opened it again, it shut down again. The culprit: low memory. I have available 4MB+ before I try PixLink already installed. When I checked on FExplorer, available memory was 64KB! Be careful if you are using old mobile phones. I won’t give up my mobile because of its flexibility on mobile eBooks.

To Globe PixLink, please test the application using older models. I’m sure latest mobile phones with larger internal memoy can handle PixLink application. I only have Kaspersky antivirus, Fexplorer and PixLink installed in phone memory.



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