UCALL: Unlimited Call From Globe Telecoms

Good news and bad news to Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers! Globe Telecoms are currently offering Unlimited Call, that’s the good news. The bad news is… the promo is available to selected provinces only.

It could be for testing purposes, a dry run if they could offer it nationwide. I hope they do because other rival companies already did long time ago. Even before the House Senate signed the new guidelines for longer expiration of prepaid loads and other communication issues.

UCALL: Unlimited Call From Globe Telecoms

Going back, UCALL promo is available only to provinces: Catanduanes, Guimaras, Marinduque, Masbate, Occidental Mindoro, Aklan, Capiz, Quezon Province and Sorsogon. If you’re currently in these areas, your lucky. UCALL30 is good for 1 day and UCALL100 is good for 5 days. However, UCALL30 is available only in Catanduanes, UCALL100 is available to all provinces I mentioned.

According to Globe CSR (Customer Service Representative) I called earlier, the UCALL promo started in July 23 and will end in August 22, 2009. One month only! Who knows, they might offer it nationwide just like other telecom companies. I hope and I wish.

To avail the promo, a subscriber needs to register first. To register, type:


and send to 8888 (or 2868)

Take note that this is UCALL, unlimited call 24 hours day and different from UNLICALL NYT that offers unlimited call from 11 pm to 6am only. Also, if you are near the provinces I mentioned above, there’s no harm in trying. A friend in Batangas is allegedly using the UCALL promo.

UPDATE: Please comment if you tested the promo in areas not mentioned above. So far, additional areas are some parts of Laguna and Batangas.



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  1. Thanks jlapitan, I posted the areas mentioned by CSR. I will add Laguna. Thanks for dropping by… πŸ˜€

  2. How can I use UCall? Wat number shud I dial? Hoping for a fast reply.. I got olredi registered but don’t know hot to use it..

  3. Joms, UCall is not available in my area so I haven’t tested it. If you are within the lucky locations and have registered, I’m sure there are instructions that you will received after successful registrations.

    FYI: applicable for globe to globe calls.

  4. This promo works only for the specific province you’ve mention? How about here in manila?

  5. It’s not currently available here in Manila. Let’s wait for further announcement.

  6. but naka UCALL ang friend noong isang araw dito sa Negros Oriental.
    Bakit ako hinde?? πŸ™

  7. I had my friend in Albay call me last August 31 and said that she was using the UCALL promo….Im in baguio and it is also not included….

  8. hi!,… bumalik n poh ang ucall!,.
    nagtry kc magreg bf q,..
    and he was successfully registered!,..


  9. i’m from dumaguete city and have been trying (unsuccessfully) for days to avail of the promo. i keep getting this ‘wrong keyword used’ message all the time.. BUT, my boyfriend has no problem registering for the service. and we live in the same city. it’s so effing unfair!:(

  10. Hi,

    I’ve used this for a couple of times im from dumaguete also…sometimes successful, sometimes not. I got tips for you to successfully register:
    1. Use a low tech phone… not the 3Gs or Nokia N Series phones. Low tech phones will do better dont know why..based on experience..hahaha..
    2. U might also want to register early in the morning or when u think globe isnt so busy.
    3. Another tip, load 3 40 globe so u get the 20 free text for evry 40 so u get 60 total free text as a bonus.. SO you can call globe for free and text smart for free… πŸ™‚ hope this helped.

  11. .maganda nmn ang promo pero and dale2x lng xana may unlimted calls pa.na mas ma dale at muran mura pah… i wish

  12. superunli is working again…. txt super150 to 2824 to have unlimited call and texts to globe and tm for 5 days

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